Cancellation Policy
  • We have a 7 day reservation cancellation policy. You can cancel your reservation 7 days before your scheduled departure time without penalty. Customers canceling inside of 7 days before your departure time will be charged 50% of the charter cost. Inside 48 hours we will cancel a trip if the weather conditions pose a concern for safety. If we cancel a trip inside 48-hours there is no charge.
  • If the captain decides while leaving the Charleston Harbor that it is not safe to continue you will return to the dock and there will be no charge.
  • If you are fishing and the captain has to cancel the charter due to deteriorating weather conditions the charter will be charged $275 for the first hour and then a prorated amount by the 1/2 hour for the balance of the charter based on the time you return to the dock.
  • Rain showers are a common occurrence here in Charleston and we do not cancel trips or return to the dock early because of rain. We recommend a rain poncho to keep dry should we encounter showers. Fishing is an outdoor adventure so please be prepared to be out in the elements.
Motion Sickness Policy
  • Unfortunately we are not able to issue refunds if a customer requests to return to the dock due to motion sickness if the sea conditions are considered safe. If you are prone to motion sickness or are not sure if you might be affected consider taking an over the counter motion sickness medicine according to the directions which usually means the night before your trip.
Catch & Release Policy
  • We are strong supporters of catch and release and try to promote the ideology that what you won’t eat should be released. The final decision to keep a fish is always left to the customer unless federal or state laws prevent us from keeping the fish. Two exceptions to this rule are that all billfish and sharks caught will be released.
Fuel Surcharge
  • Posting fictitious charter prices and then adding a “fuel surcharge” is a misleading tactic to draw in customers. This practice is nothing more than “bait and switch”. We choose not to conduct business this way. The prices you see posted on our charter page are the prices you pay. Nothing more.